➢ All payment are made in Norwegian Kroner.
➢ A 10 minute private dance costs 1000 NOK for the customer, the dancer gets 500 NOK minus VAT of 25% so total 400 NOK.
➢ A non‐alcoholic ladies drink costs 300 NOK, the dancer gets 140 NOK (60%).
➢ An alcoholic ladies drink costs 300 NOK, the dancers gets 100 NOK (42%).
➢ 25% commission is given on Champagne sold with prices starting from 1900 NOK.
➢ The club will pay the dancer 4000 NOK the first week of the contract if the dancer does not make 4000 NOK. (For example if the dancer makes 3000 NOK the club will pay the dancer an extra 1000 NOK).
➢ All dancers in Norway have to pay 15% tax according to Norwegian law.
➢ 15% will be deducted at the end of every work evening.
➢ Salary will be paid into the dancers bank account at the end of the contract with the club
paying the transaction fees.
➢ The dancer can ask for cash advance up to 10000 NOK a year.
➢ The dancer can also ask for a bank transfer advance but the dancer pays the transaction fee.
➢ All tip must be shared with the club 50/50.
➢ Stage show is 7 minutes and is fully nude.
➢ The dancer will do 3–4 stage shows a night.
➢ The dancer must bring her own USB with her music of choice for the stage and private rooms. A USB can be purchased from the club for 20euro.
➢ The artist agrees to occasional promotional work for the club during the contract.


➢ Working hours: 6 days a week
➢ Monday – Thursday: 22.00-04.00
➢ Friday - Saturday: 22.00-05.00
➢ The dancer must be at the club before 21:30.
➢ Dancers must arrive at the club on the Monday of the contract and must depart on Sunday or Monday at the end of the contract. Unless prearranged with management.


➢ Experienced dancers who know how to work can make good money here throughout the whole year January-December.
➢ Our more experienced dancers earn 60000-80000 NOK a month, our mid range dancers earn 40000-50000 NOK a month and below that the average is 35000 NOK a month.


➢ Dress code is CLASSY either long or short dresses. No see through dresses, bare stomach or underwear showing is allowed.
➢ The dancer must bring of fantasy outfit, for example school girl, nurse, army, law enforcement etc.


➢ Minimum 18 years old.
➢ Nice and neat appearance.
➢ Satisfying level of English.
➢ Good communication skills, self confidence.
➢ Beginners are welcome, the club is providing training.
➢ Good self confidence.
➢ Only girls with EU passport.

The club has a no tolerance policy to prostitution and illicit drugs, and the club management and agency will not be held responsible for any bad or illegal behaviour by THE ARTIST, whether it is during or outside club hours.


➢ The dancer will receive a 50% travel refund up to 1600 NOK. The dancer will receive this
cash on arrival for contracts 3 weeks and longer.


➢ Once you have applied on our website and you have been selected, we will be able to tell you when there are available positions and we will send you the contract.
The work with our Agency is legal and safe and FREE. You will have a Contract and you will know all the details before leaving your country.


➢ The apartment has 4 large bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large living and dinning area and a large kitchen. The kitchen has 3 refrigerators and all modern appliances such as Stove, Oven, Microwave, Toaster, Coffee machine, Blender and Water boiler.
➢ Each room follows a cleaning schedule, which keeps the apartment tidy and clean. The manager comes around to the apartment regularly to make sure the apartment is clean.
➢ The club provides, toilet paper, hand soap, washing up liquid, general cleaning supplies and washing powder for linen. Girls need to buy their own washing powder for their clothing.
➢ The club also provides linen and towels for
➢ The apartment is a 2­‐minute walk from the club and is surrounded by coffee shops, bars and restaurants.
➢ It is only a 5­‐minute walk away from 4 large shopping centre and a 7-­minute walk away from Bergen’s historical Bryggen and fish market.
➢ If you feel like taking the train up Fløyen or walking up the mountain it is a short 10­- minute walk to get to the starting point.
➢ Regularly the club takes the girls out for dinner or to a tourist attraction.


➢ The dancer will receive a 50% travel refund up to 1600 NOK. The dancer will receive this
cash on arrival for contracts 3 weeks and longer.


➢ Bergen is a city and municipality on the Bergen Peninsula in Hordaland county on the west coast of Norway. The city was established before 1070 AD. Bergen is the administrative centre of Hordaland.
➢ As of 2014 the municipal population was 278,500 making it, after Oslo, the second-most populous city in Norway.
➢ The area covered by the municipality is 465 square kilometres (180 sq mi), and it consists of eight boroughs.
➢ The remains of the quays, Bryggen, is a World Heritage Site.
➢ Bergen is an international centre for aquaculture, shipping, offshore petroleum industry and subsea technology, and a national centre for higher education, tourism and finance. Natives speak a distinctive dialect of Norwegian known as Bergensk. The city has an airport, a light rail system, the Western terminal of the Bergen Line, and Bergen Port—the busiest in Norway; the sea lanes start thru Byfjorden. Bergen is known as the city of the Seven Mountains.

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